Facebook Advertising – Not Good For Every Business

The very popular social network, Facebook, can also be a way to advertise your website and drive your traffic. You can use Facebook like any other Pay Per Click Website where you pay every time someone clicks on your ad. You can actually create a pretty detailed along with a picture thumbnail. Most PPC sites like AdWords or AdCenter will only allow text. After submitting my ads I had high hopes that this would really send more traffic to my site. I mean everyone uses Facebook so it seemed like a good idea.Well after a week of still waiting for my first click I gave up. I had over 20,000 impressions with not one single click. I know I didn’t get it much time but after having 20,000 impressions with no clicks I couldn’t take it anymore. So I canceled my account and that’s the last time I ever try to advertise with Facebook.So why is this? CPM and CPC work where relevant traffic is present and that is for sure not Facebook. Now the ability to target with it is amazing. You can narrow it down to gender, age, or even what their interests are, but the problem is that people are too interested in the content of the site and not the advertisements. Markets that may succeed are restaurants, fashion or clothing, and magazine marketing. It is clear though that Facebook is not good for every business.If Facebook were to one day implement a web search into their site, I’m sure the advertising would be more effective.